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Genuine Leather Handbags

Calabash Leather offers a wide range of high-quality leather handbags that are both chic and durable. Our artisans carefully craft each bag with genuine leather, ensuring perfect stitching and attention to detail. With a variety of unique styles and colors to choose from, our handbags are sure to elevate any wardrobe.

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Step out in style with one of our Leather POP, Bridgette Bardot, Grace Kelly and Scalloped  handbags. Each Leather POP bag is a unique expression of personal style, with nifty laser cut patterns to choose from. We offer a variety of colors and one-of-a-kind pattern designs, so you can find the perfect bag for your needs. Mix and match your colours. With their cross-over straps and inner pockets, our bags are both practical and fashionable.

Our Bridgette and Grace Kelly ranges offer great space and leather luxury.

The Scalloped range is unique and very beautiful to look at too

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