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Laser Cutting and Engraving   

We don't only work with leather when it comes to the laser,  we can cut 3mm wood, 3mm Perspex and 

romark too.  Our laser can engrave on Stainless steel and other materials.

Be Amazed!

Laser engraving produces a permanent, crisp & highly detailed mark, engraving images at up to 1200 dots per

inch. Due to the precision of our laser beam,  even the smallest detail can be engraved.  The laser is accurate

and fast.  No part of the laser actually touches the material being cut or engraved.

How to go about getting a quote?

All you need to do is  send us an email and we do the rest.  We offer quick turnaround times too of approx 3 working days depending

on the order size.  We strive to give you the best rate at the best laser quality.  All artwork varies, and having been in the laser

industry for more than 7 years now - we know exactly how to produce superb engraving on most materials.

What files can the laser work with? 

The quality of the engraved image depends on the type of file used.  Please see examples below (for best engraved quality)
1.   EPS Files
2.   PDF Files
3.   CDR Files (Corel Draw V4)
4.   VDA Files (vector)
5.   JPG files (for logos  and if no original artwork is available to you - we have a look at the file and advise or re-create the file)

So best is - send what you have and we do the rest.  If you don't have any artwork available then all you need to do is just email us, we monitor our

emails every 40 minutes if time allows and email is our preferred method of communication as we are a very hands-on company and its not always possible to get to the phone and all artwork and pricing/ quotes are done via email.      


What Materials work with the laser?

We do keep most commonly utilized materials in stock such as Wood (Trupan or Ply), Perspex, Romark (acrylic with a metal look) and leather. 

Trupan wood is great as it cuts like butter and is a nice smooth wood and engraves fantastically. 


Materials that can be cut and or engraved via the laser:

Wood (3mm to 4mm) - Engrave and cut (Trupan (like MDF) and Ply (our stock)

Engraving offered on any wood (like Bread Boards, tea trays etc.. that you bring in) 
Acrylic & Mirror Acylic - Engrave and cut

Perspex and Plexiglas (from 1.5mm thick to 4mm thick) - Engrave and cut
Glass (engraving only)
Coated Metals (engraving only)
Leather - engrave and cut  (Vegtan Leather Only - which we stock (Chocolate Brown, Tan, Cream and Black)
Stainless Steel (engraving only)
Cork - engrave
Mable/Granite (engraving only)

What do we engrave:

We engrave Logo's, Clip Art, Bitmap images, Wording and patterns.  We Do Not offer photo (Photos taken of relatives or vacation pics etc..) as this type of engraving is a laborious process and not cost or time effective.

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